Earn while browsing with HUDI

HUDI is the only Privacy Shield that allows you to earn just by surfing the internet.

We are building the first Browsing Activities-based income.

Browsing activities are the new gold and they are our property. 
HUDI lets everybody earn from them.

Protect your privacy

HUDI blocks cookies and third-party trackers. No more stealing.

Block undesired advertising

HUDI Block pop-ups, ads, and annoying banners.
HUDI performs the same functionalities as the best adblockers on the market, but in a Web3 fashion without ever exposing your browsing info.

Earn surfing the internet

Earn passively, letting HUDI work for you while you browse.

How do you get started? Easy!

About HUDI

HUDI is the First browsing based Ecosystem.

Built with the primary intent to allow users to earn money from their internet browsing activities.

Many stakeholders would gladly pay you to see your Browsing Activities. But how? 

Instead of spreading your information around the internet, HUDI allows you to store them safely in one place. But that’s not it. 

We created an ever-growing network of businesses willing to pay you for your browsing activities.

IMPORTANT: through HUDI you will own your browsing privacy.

You can decide not to provide more browsing info and even delete existing ones.


Your privacy is just a step away.
Download, activate, and start earning by safely surfing the web.

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